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Animated Desktop Wallpaper
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Help with Desktop Wallpaper:
How To Install Wallpapers

  Windows Users (Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT, Me, XP):

  • All you have to do is download the animated wallpaper file (filename.exe), click on it, and it will guide you through the installation.

  Mac Users (For MAC O/S):

  • Sorry, I do not have the files available in Mac format.

  Performing "Right Click" operations on your desktop:

  • You will notice, that while you have animated wallpaper as your destkop image, you will be unable to perform your typical mouse 'right-click' functions in the usual manner (as in "adding new folder/arrange items/refresh/paste/etc).
    If you right click on the wallpaper image you will see that a Macromedia menu would popup (settings .../about macromedia ..). Macromedia is the program that 'drives' your animated wallpaper.

    If you would like to perform your usual 'right-click' function, such as adding New Folder to your desktop - here is what you should do, it's easy:
    - point with your mouse cursor to the very edge of left side of your display screen. Make sure that the tip of the cursor is on the very edge of the visible display monitor.
    - Then right-click on the mouse and you will see that your usual right-mouse menu pops up. It's easy.


  • If you would like to change or remove your desktop wallpaper - go to your monitor control panel, look in "desktop" tab, and pick a different background. If you wish to remove it completely, go to control panel, then Ad/Remove programs, find wallpaper in the list of your installed programs, and remove it.

    Please contact the webmaster if you have any problems


  • Please contact the webmaster if you have any problems
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