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Windows 7 and 8 users: this animated desktop wallpaper was originally made for Windows 95. Yes. Long time ago :) It does not work for Windows 7 and 8 without a special app :( They do work great for Windows 95 and XP if you still have these.

You may download Desktop Scene 8 application from StarDock (there is a free-to-try and paid-version, around $10, I think).

For windows 7, you will need a different app Dream Scene Video Wallpaper.

These wallpapers are 100% malware/spamwire/virus free. We do not make any money off these apps. Desktop Scene and Dream Scene apps are reputable software designers and will allow you to enjoy these free animated video wallpapers on your desktops.

If in doubt, you may also Youtube "Windows animated or video wallpaper" and read what other users say about these. There are very few great free things on the net - these wallpapers are free and they are great. Enjoy!

Download free animated "Nice View Writing Pad" desktop wallpaper

Click to download free animated desktop wallpaper

Free "Nice View Writing Pad" animated desktop wallpaper :
The breezy video of palms waving by the mountain cliff will relax you to no end. The writing pad will not only help you to write down reminders and events but also pull you to the serene view every time you refer to it. Download free.

The installation program will allow you to preview animation effects before you install this animated video wallpaper.

Note: this animated wallpaper will only work for Windows versions 95, Me, 98, NT, XP.
It will not work for windows Vista since Windows Vista does not support animated wallpapers made with flash.

Click to download free animated desktop wallpaper       

If you have Windows Vista, you may enjoy this animated wallpaper as a screensaver - it will work in your Windows Vista as a regular screensaver. You may use your mouse pointer to choose scenes/images in this screensaver.

Click to download free animated desktop screensaver    

Free fabulous animated desktop wallpaper by FabulousWallpaper.com

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